Sunday, October 26, 2008

Testicular Tumours: Sertoli Cell Tumour

Sertoli Cell Tumors (Androblastoma):
These are uncommon tumours, composed of Sertoli cells or a mixture of Sertoli and Leydig cells. One-third of Sertoli cell tumours have admixed Leydig cells and are regarded as mixed gonadal stromal tumors.
These tumours usually develop in the first four decades of life, with only a few cases reported in older patients.
Tumours may elaborate androgens or estrogens but rarely in sufficient quantity to produce precocious masculinization or feminization.
Grossly, the tumour present as well-circumscribed, homogeneous gray-white-to-yellow masses of variable size.
Microscopically, the tumour consists of tubular arrangement, with solid cords of cells and a fibrous trabecular framework.
Most cases are benign. 10% cases demonstrate invasion, metastases, or both.
The malignant variant exhibits greater cellular pleomorphism, areas of necrosis, and a reduced tendency to form cords and tubules.